Why Are Audible Books So Expensive?

Audible’s standard 1 credit subscription costs $14.95 per month which is more than the many unlimited media options (such as Netflix or Amazon Kindle Unlimited) for just a few hours of content. You can always read more expensive books on Kindle to get the most out of your subscription, but Audible is different. There is no safer way to buy than an Audible subscription because you can undoubtedly return any book you don’t like.

Audible books are expensive because they require narrators and sound editors in order to be produced. These sound technicians require payment, and most books sell too few copies to justify hiring them. So audiobooks are often sold at a premium to cover their expensive recording costs.

Audible is an audiobook subscription service where you can buy audiobooks at discounted prices and even download some for free. Of all the audiobook sites, Audible is the one with the largest book platform. Audible (owned by Amazon) is one of the best websites for buying audiobooks – you’ve probably seen promotions for free audiobooks or Groupon’s free offerings (or heard one of the many company-sponsored podcasts). You’ve probably noticed the insane price tag of Audible books if you bought them right away.

Audiobooks Raise the Price of eBooks Immensely

Even with all the audiobook subscriptions and services available, audiobooks can cost double or even triple the price of an e-book. While regular audiobooks do not need to worry about printing costs compared to regular books, the price can be increased by production costs. The cost of an audiobook may seem very high compared to printing and publishing a hardcover book, but given the production costs associated with making it, it might seem fair to have it when compared to a film or television production.

The main reason Audible is getting so expensive is because of the cost of producing an audiobook. It should be remembered that since the price of hardcover books varies from one to another depending on their size and length, the cost of producing an audiobook also varies in length along with the scale of production. Likewise, the cost of an audiobook varies from one to the other depending on the size and length of the book. Thus, the price of Audible depends on the length of the books.

Audible audiobook publisher fees are another important reason the price is so high. Audible is an expensive audiobook platform, so everyone can’t afford Audible. Audible is the largest audiobook market, but it’s also quite expensive.

How to Make Your Audiobooks Cheaper

Here is how to get free and cheap audiobooks, you can listen to these audiobooks without spending money. They allow you to listen to books while traveling, exercising, and even working. Below are Audible books that can be listened to during the free trial period.

When you buy a Kindle book from Amazon, sometimes audio narration can be added for an additional fee. Oftentimes, when a publisher promotes an e-book at a discounted price, the additional soundtrack also reflects the discount. You won’t find it for all titles, including many of the latest bestsellers, but where it’s available, additional narration usually costs less than $ 3.99.

Or, you can upload the book to Audible when you use your points or subscription fee to access the book, and the audiobook is yours. Therefore, if there is an audio version of the book you want to read, you will most likely find it in Audible. However, if you want to listen without any subscription fee, you must have points for listening to free audiobooks from Audible.

As an Audible member, regardless of the original price, you will get a monthly or annual credit for purchasing a single volume of audiobooks. This is a great way to save money on our audiobooks, many of which usually exceed the cost of a monthly subscription. If you use free audiobook points tactically, you can build a healthy library of books quickly and cheaply by paying off the points only when you buy expensive goods.

An Appraisal of the Cost of Audiobooks and Perks

This is generally the best money-saving tactic overall – if the audiobook is below the monthly subscription cost of your chosen Audible plan, then it is best to buy it straight away with the initial 30% discount applied. If an audiobook is expensive, for example in a new release, using the free book tokens will give you the biggest savings overall, in excess of the actual cost of your monthly subscription. Or rather, buy extra credits to save on expensive books like bestsellers and new editions.

Prime members seem to have about 50 books for free every month. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get a free e-book every month, which is the same as the options provided in the Kindle Unlimited plan (you only need to pay $9.99 a month to get all of these).

However, you can combine them with the above-mentioned “threat-removal” technology to buy six audiobooks for slightly more than $35 (while six standard Audible points cost $75, or the standard price for basic audiobooks cost 100 -180 dollars). The reason is that in addition to the standard credit token sale, Audible also sells standard audiobooks at regular prices, which can be purchased regardless of whether you subscribe to monthly credit or not.

Since Audible listeners can earn points in many ways, they can use the points to purchase audiobooks. If you have a book in your Amazon Kindle library that is also available as Audible audiobooks, you can usually “upgrade” the optional Audible purchase at a significant discount over the price of pure audiobooks.

The Advantage of Audible Premium Plus

With Audible Premium Plus, you get free unlimited access to the new catalog offered at the standard Audible Plus tier, as well as those free tokens that Audible is famous for – in this case, one per month, or twelve at a time if you subscribe for a year. whole. That being said, you only get one book every two months, but you are also charged a subscription fee every two months. With all Audible subscriptions, you keep your library of books even after your subscription expires, so there is no need to stay in a subscription if you have an outstanding audiobook to listen to.

Subscribing to subscriptions that offer licensing rights rather than physical ownership, such as Scribd and Kindle Unlimited, can also help lower the cost of listening to an audiobook. Sound Credits and the books you redeem them for remain linked to your account, even if you don’t have an active subscription. During this time, you can still use your credits and listen to books, but you cannot buy new audiobooks.

I love audiobooks and although Audible would be a good option as I work a lot with Amazon Prime. I would really like to be able to read books for the price of Audible.

On the other hand, if I recently read a book, I buy an audiobook and listen to it in addition to my regular monthly reading. One of the reasons I didn’t listen to audiobooks at all was because I love writing a resume for my Commonplace Book. Listening to an audiobook not only quickly reminds me of the main points in the book, but also helps me understand the book deeper, especially as the author reads his work.

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