Can You Clean Upholstery with a Steam Cleaner?

No matter how we love our upholsteries and couches, when used for a long time, they attract dust, which reduces the color of the fabric and might also attract parasites.

In general, upholstery can be cleaned with a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners work by applying heat and water to the areas in need of cleaning, and most upholstery fabrics are easily able to withstand the temperature and moisture level supplied by the common steam cleaner.

No matter how hard you might try to dust, much of the fine dust particles remain intact and can hardly be noted unless you get a steam cleaner to get rid of it. Some of the reasons why we clean should clean out upholsteries and couches include;

– To make them last longer
– To take care of the fabric
– To prevent diseases that come as a result of dirt accumulation
-To improve the appearance of the seats

You display a terrible picture of your cleanliness standards and organization when you invite one of your close friends to come to your place only to meet dirty seats. 

To ensure that your couches and upholsteries remain sanitized and deodorized, you are supposed to use a steam cleaner. No chemicals will be required to have all the dirt out when the steam cleaner is picked as the cleaner’s choice. Due to the steam’s high temperature, all the surface dirt is loosened and dissolved, making the upholsteries fabrics color bright. With the increased number of steam cleaning service providers, identifying the best one to work on your upholsteries can be a very challenging task. 

Therefore, to have the best, you are encouraged to carry out thorough research before selecting a service provider. Though you might want to carry out the services on your own to save money, you are discouraged from doing this because your skills are not professional, and the chances that you are going to make the seas clean partly are very high. Some of the best couches cleaning companies can be fetched from the internet, referrals, and testimonials. However, keenness ought to be observed to avoid consuming misleading information or sharing with intentions to market a poor service provider. 

Types of Steam Cleaners

“Can you clean upholstery with a steam cleaner?” is one of the questions upholstery owners ask. Though steam cleaners can be used to clean a wide range of services, some of them are best suited for particular jobs compared to others. By recognizing how they differ, you will be able to choose one that is going to clean your upholsteries and couches perfectly. Among the best steam cleaners to choose include:

1. Handheld steam cleaner

The handheld steam cleaners are small in size and portable. Also, they are very affordable, with prices typically falling around $100. However, you might find some cheaper models in some dealerships. Due to their compact size, the handheld steam cleaners are extremely easy to work with and store when they are not being used. By being small, it is straightforward for you to clean the spots that are hard to reach and where most of the dirt accumulates. Though the handheld steam cleaners might have their fair share of advantages, among the cons they have are;

– The handheld steam cleaner doesn’t provide similar cleanliness levels as more giant steam cleaners do
– It is not best suited for more extensive cleaning jobs

2. Vapor Steam Cleaner

The vapor steam cleaner comes with a wide range of specifications and attachments to facilitate easy cleaning of various objects and surfaces. The ability to provide a “dry” clean is one of the main distinctions the vapor steam cleaner has, making it one of the most recommended for purchase. After cleaning, no dampness or even water is left behind. Though the vapor steam cleaners are among the most important appliances you are supposed to have around your home for these cleanliness services, they are fetched at very high prices. Some of their benefits include;

– They can be used in cleaning different areas in your home, not only upholsteries and couches
– Provides dry cleanliness making you worry no more about the potential damage of your couches from excessive moisture
– No harsh chemicals or detergents are required to be used
– High efficiency in eliminating parasites, bacteria, and germs 

Top tips to be considered when picking the best steam cleaners for upholsteries 

There are very many aspects you must consider to have your upholsteries speckle. Here are some of them;

1. Budgeting

It is essential to mind the amount of money you plan to spend to have the upholsteries cleaned. The charges are determined by the professionalism to be applied to have the seats clean, the number of upholsteries, how dirty they are, among other factors. Choosing a low-budget service provider is discouraged because their services might not match the anticipated levels. To have a rough idea of the charges, you should shop around and find out the amount demanded by different cleaning companies. The charges should be decent and easy to meet.

On encountering the cleaning service providers that require too high, you should reject their services because they will only cost you more than you expected. If possible, negotiation can be done to make the professional cleaners come down to a fair price. The quality of the steam cleaning machines to be used also determines the charges you should pay. By choosing the service providers with the best steam cleaners that deliver high-quality cleaning services, more will be demanded.

When you want to buy a steam cleaner by yourself, you will be required to know the different types you can have from the market and how perfect they function. A comparison of specifications and features will help you understand the best. 

2. Weight and size

Checking the weight of a steam cleaner and its dimensions before you have purchased one is very important. To clean couches and upholsteries, you should always consider buying a piece of smaller equipment that will be easy to work with because of its portability and lightweight. Choosing a smaller steam cleaner is also the best option when you have limited space to store it when not in use. 

3. Ease of use

It is always easier to work with steam cleaners that are easier to use and lighter than the heftier ones. However, some of the more giant steam cleaners provide a deeper clean than those that are easier to use. Though some of the steam cleaners used to clean seats come with their user manuals, following some procedures might be tiring. 
Rather than choosing a complex steam cleaner that you might not use due to its complexity, you should first find out the reviews from the previous clients and find out what they think about the steam cleaners they bought.

4. Accessories and attachments

To modify a steam cleaner to make it suitable for sanitizing different areas of your home, you must fix some essential attachments on the steam cleaner. Some of the steam cleaners come with a package of accessories and attachments. However, you will be required to buy the accessories and extensions when you purchase a steam cleaner that lacks them. 

Consideration of attachments that come with each steam cleaner is essential because you will know the most versatile one. When selecting the attachments and accessories to purchase, you should first establish whether they are compatible with the steam cleaner you have purchased. It is wise to buy a steam cleaner with all its attachments manufactured by the company that made the steam cleaner. 

5. Size of the water tank

By buying a small steam cleaner, you will be required to refill the water tank more often. However, heating the water in a small water tank will not take time. On the other hand, it will take much longer before you refill a steam cleaner with a larger water tank. The disadvantage of having a steam cleaner with a bigger tank is that more time will be taken to heat the water. It would be best to choose a steam cleaner with a water tank that will suit your needs perfectly.

6. Level of noise produced

Though steam cleaners might be quieter than vacuum cleaners, they still produce some noise, and some can be pretty noisy when used continuously. Some of the steam cleaners require cooling after regular intervals to reduce the noise they make. If you are against the noise emitted by a steam cleaner while using it, you should consider the quieter models and check the opinions of reviewers about the noise produced. Checking whether the steam cleaners have a decibel level in their specifications will give you an idea of how loud the steam cleaner will be.


The decision whether to buy a steam cleaner or have the professional service providers clean your couches should be made very carefully. When you are not financially limited, you should get your own steam cleaner and all the required accessories and extensions because of some cleaning chores that your house will need.

To be safe from making wrong decisions, you should pay attention to every small detail the steam cleaner you are looking forward to buying has. To know how to use the steam cleaners ideally, you should go through the user manual whenever you have trouble using it. With the many choices of steam cleaners available, choosing one that seems perfect for your needs is the best option. 

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