Are Leather Couches Good for Dogs?

Are you a pet lover, but you are worried about keeping a dog pet simply because its claws can potentially cause havoc on your furniture? Of course, everyone wants their furniture to maintain its elegant look. However, in some scenarios, you have all the reasons to be worried, mainly if your furniture consists of leather that is not genuine and you have pets like dogs and cats in the house. So, are leather couches suitable for dogs?

Leather couches are suitable furniture for people who own dogs. The main concern dog owners have with furniture is the ability for items to be cleaned after exposure to their pets. Leather alleviates this concern because it is solid and can be easily wiped clean, while stains can be painted.

This article answers the titular question in detail. So keep reading also to find out the answers to other related concerns such as whether dogs will ruin a leather couch, the best material for a couch if you have a dog and the type of leather furniture that is best with dogs.

Will dogs ruin a leather couch?

For the longest time in history, leather coaches have been premium furniture since they are luxurious, elegant, and beautiful. They are also long-lasting. But the question is, are they pet-friendly, or will dogs ruin them with their claws? The answer to this question might surprise you.

There are different types of leather, such as protected leather, heavily protected leather, and lightly protected leather. The truth is that dogs can scratch all these types of leather, but the degree of damage after scratching varies. That said, to be on the safe side, you have to ensure that your couch consists of authentic leather. Probably you might be wondering how you would know that your couch has authentic leather. Don’t worry. Here is the thing. Authentic leather is the leather that is ultra-thick and tough. It integrates heavy protection features that resist scratches to a significant degree. The trick here is to distinguish between genuine leather and faux leather before purchasing a leather couch.

That said, if the couch you have in your home consists of leather that is not genuine or lightly protected leather and you have dog pets in your home, it might be a matter of time before you start noticing scratches and punctures on them. Illegitimate leather tends to be thinner and more fragile than genuine leather. This is the reason why these kinds of leather are easily prone to damage through scratches. In addition, thinner and more fragile leather tends to have varying colors of the top surface and the inner surface of the leather material. In that case, the scratches become even more visible due to the conspicuous color variation when a scratch occurs.

On the other hand, if your couch consists of authentic leather, you should have minimum or no reason to worry about having dogs as pets in your house. Here is the reason. Genuine leather means that they are ultra-thick, rigid, protected, or heavily protected. Having these features, it becomes difficult for dogs to form deep scratches or puncture them with their claws. However, as stated earlier, this doesn’t mean that dogs cannot scratch genuine leather. They can, but the effect will be very slight that you might not even notice that there is a scratch on your leather couch. Here is why. Real leather is thick, and dog claws cannot penetrate through them. Also, the top surface color in genuine leather has slight or no variation with the layer beneath it, making the light dog scratches almost invisible.

What is the best material for a couch if you have a dog?

Dogs have a very close relationship with human beings. For this reason, if you own a dog as a pet, you have every reason to provide them with a favorable environment within your home that they feel at peace with the rest of your family. But what is the best couch material that will be most suitable for your dog? Among all the available materials for making couches, leather is ideal if you have a dog in your home.

There are several reasons why you may have to choose leather as the material for your couch if you are a dog lover. They include;

  • With leather, it becomes easy to clean the couch as all you need to do is wipe away any spillage or dander from your pet, and the surface will be as clean as new.
  • Unlike fabric upholstery, leather material does not allow the clinging of dog hair onto its surface.
  • Also, unlike fabric upholstery, leather does not allow the absorption of spills that your dogs might cause.
  • Additionally, leather material is highly repellant to odors and icky smells that come with most pets, including dogs and cats.
  • Also, leather material is stronger and more resistant to scratches and punctures, making it an ideal couch material if you have dogs.

Are leather or fabric sofas better for dogs?

As stated earlier, leather sofas are ideal for your home if you have pets with claws, such as dogs. Although particular fabric sofas have advantages like being strong and long-lasting, they might still not be ideal for your house, especially f you have dogs. Here are the main reasons;

  • Most fabric materials used on sofas tend to absorb spillages that your dogs may cause while moving around the house. It becomes difficult to clean off these spillages thoroughly, especially if absorption has already taken place.
  • Also, fabric sofas and dogs can be a tricky combination due to the fabric material’s physical features that readily allow the clinging of dog hair onto its surface. It might take you relatively more time to completely do away with the hair stuck on the fabric than on leather.
  • Unlike leather sofas, fabric upholstery quickly absorbs stinky pet smells due to the incorporation of fur throughout the material’s surface.

When you consider the above limitations of fabric sofas, leather sofas remain the better option for a home with dogs. Here are the reasons;

  • Leather sofas do not absorb spillages.
  • Leather sofas have a smooth surface that does not quickly grab dog hair.
  • In case of a spillage or dog hair on the sofa, it is easy to clean by wiping them off using a clean cloth.
  • Leather furniture does not readily absorb the icky smell that comes along with dogs and cats.
  • It is easy to maintain leather sofas because they only require regular conditioning and wiping to look good and new.

What type of leather furniture is best with dogs?

As stated earlier, dogs are human being’s best friends. They are always ready to give you love and companionship. Therefore, dogs deserve to be happy and comfortable while in the living room, and they need to take some rest on the couch just as you do. For that reason, you must have leather furniture in your house that is best for your dog. Leather sofas happen to be the best leather furniture for you and your dog. Here are some of the best-selling leather couches available in the market.

  • All Around Leather Sofa

This leather sofa is spacious and versatile, with enough space for you and your family members and a space for the dog. It incorporates a multipurpose construction that allows you to arrange it either right or left-facing sectional. It also includes an ottoman.

  • Affordable leather

Do not be tricked into thinking that all leather sofas are expensive. The Honbay convertible leather sofa has an elegant appearance and is suitable for you and your dog since it has a weight limit of 600 pounds.

  • Leather reclining sofa

Reclining sofas are popular due to the high level of comfort that they offer. This type might suit you and your dog. Some reclining leather sofas incorporate approximately 20% natural leather, but they still have a smooth texture and last for long.

  • Modern leather sofas

Particular sofas such as the River Aiden Sofa are long-lasting, incorporating a modern, classy look. They are also durable and suitable for dogs due to the incorporation of top-grain leather that is pet-friendly.

  • Top Grain Leather Sofas

If premium quality and comfort are the priority for you and your dogs, look no further than the types that incorporate top grain leather. Top grain leather is friendly to all types of pets. It is tough, highly resistant to scratches, spills, and stains, and highly durable. Since you get what you pay for, you must be ready to spend more on this type of furniture.


Having all the information in this article in mind, it becomes ultra-easy to decide on the best furniture material that suits you and your pet dog. Remember that the best material comes with the best features. Therefore, if you choose to invest in a premium quality leather couch, like the top grain leather sofa, you are in for a good deal. That said, leather coaches are suitable for dogs since they are easy to clean, do not absorb spills and pet odor, are resistant to damage, and are durable.

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