Fairy Epic is owned by Zachary Botkin, who manages the Theosis Christian company. This message is meant to signify his ownership of the site and its related assets to any party which may require proof.

Who We Are

Fairy Epic is a firm dedicated to the aesthetics inspired by fairy tales. It does so by teaching knowledge and skills required to bring the esthetic into the world. Moreover, it cultivates interest in aspects of the real world that bear similarities between the world and the romantic ideal portrayed in classic tales of wonder.

What We Do

We glorify an ideal world of innocence and beauty. The current world is dull and boring, and inauthenticity is widespread. This is a tragedy. Therefore, Fairy Epic uses the romantic aesthetic of fairy tales to remedy the many errors that have shaped the world and made it ugly.

When We Began

The conceptualization of Fairy Epic began with the death of the original Grandma Dee. However, its structuring and planning were not clearly defined until 2019. The firm was finally created in 2021 in honor of the sagess who inspired it.

Where We’re Headed

Fairy Epic is developing a bog at the moment. Later, it will begin producing books on gardening and sewing. Afterward, it will become a source for aspiring authors and papercrafters so that new fairy tales may be told.

Why We Do It

The world is boring, and its people are apathetic. Moreover, few people envision how the world might change from its graying and decaying state. Few, but not none. Fairy Epic advances one alternative – a world characterized by the fairycore aesthetic. This aesthetic is desirable because it produces a harmonious and lovely environment that encourages the production of heroic men and women.

How We Go About It

Fairy Epic is young and needs brand awareness. So it works to attract visitors. This work will persist for several years.


Grandma Dee is the sole contributor to Fairy Epic.

Contact Information

There is only one way to contact Fairy Epic. The contact information is: contactfairyepic@gmail.com.

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